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While the 'Doubles' could be termed 'the new', the single H x orientalis should prove to be just as popular due to the introduction of exciting new 'Hybrids'.

One of the greatest difficulties when propagating the H x orientalis Hybrids, is the length of time it takes to see the results of your breeding, very few H x orientalis will flower before their second winter.

We are continually upgrading our Hybrids as we find better and new ones, some of the original plants we liked are now in the garden as ordinary plants rather than in the breeding program. I think we are up to Mark 4 with the 'Yellow' and are continually looking for better.

One of the interesting developments with H x orientalis of late, is their potential as a cut flower. Recently there has been developed a successful method of treating the flowers to avoid them drooping, which is what has happened after cutting, in the past.

The need for good clear colouring of these flowers will become more and more important as the market is developed and this is another reason we want to be more in control of our breeding program.

White Hybrid

White Hybrid
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White Hybrid White White White

White Hybrid

For a number of years we couldnt provide a White H x orientalis. Some of the problem stemmed from the  fact that the spotting in hellebores can be quite dominant and all our plants ended up White Spotted. We have now bred one line that is giving us a good pure White and another that provides fine spotting.  The flowers are also quite rounded. As with many hellebore flowers, the White fades to green on maturity. Same rules apply when it comes to siting the White Hybrid. Plenty of organic mulch, sun isnt an issue if there is some shade at the days hottest time, but most importantly, dont plant in a site that isn't free draining.
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Availability: May/June 2018
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