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Of all the plants we have grown in our nursery over the years, the 'Double Hybrids' have probably been the most exciting. We were very fortunate to be able to import some plants in 1986 from England, which were expertly quarantined by Dennis Hughes at Blue Mountain Nurseries in Tapanui which is not very far from our place. From these original plants and a very small amount of seed that came double, we have built up numbers to the stage where we can release the plants for sale.

As with the single H x orientalis, there is a huge variation in flower colour, shape and size, as well as they actual size of the plant and the form of the leaves.

The Doubles have their origin from a plant called Helleborus torquatus 'Dido' which was found in the wild to have a double form. It is interesting to note that the doubling is the result of the flowers nectaries developing into petals. Some appear to have a fluffy appearance with many layers of petals while others are flatter with two or three distinct rows of petals.

Anemone Centred

Anemone Centred
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Anemone Centred Anemone Centered Anemone Centered Anemone Centered Anemone Centered Anemone Centered Anemone Centered Anemone Centered Anemone Centered Anemone Centered Anemone Centered Anemone Centered

Anemone Centred

This line of plants is still somewhat of a mystery to us. We commonly refer to the Anemone Centered plants as being half way between a 'single' and a 'double'. The nectaries of the 'single' flower are elongated and form 'petaloids'. Interestingly, these 'petaloids' are always the same colour as the outer petals! Once the flower has been pollinated, the petaloids fall off and the flower appears as a 'single'. This drawback is compensated  by the Anemone Centred hybrids having a lot of flower stems as a mature plant, giving a long flowering season. Hardy and tolerant of sun, like all hellebores, they like free drainage. Generally pink shades although we are now getting some very pretty White and Picotee edged hybrids. Watch out for these next year!
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Availability: May/June 2018
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